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Each week of lockdown, WWT is bringing you a new set of curriculum-linked science resources. These will inspire your children to connect with the natural world, no matter how much green space you have access to. They also have a selection of short fun activities that can be dipped into at any time.

Their resources have been developed by the WWT learning team, who have years of teaching experience both in schools and in the great outdoors.

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Weekly lessons include:

Who lives where?
Discover different habitats, including the amazing wetlands we look after.

Wonderful Wetland Wildlife
Learn all about some incredible wetland animals.

Who eats who?
Discover how all life on earth is interlinked through food chains and webs

The circle of life
Discover the incredible lifecycles of some wonderful wetland animals as they develop from baby to adult.

Amazing adaptations
Discover the amazing adaptations wetland birds have developed to survive in their habitat.

The Migration Challenge
Learn about the awe-inspiring journeys of some iconic wetland birds.

Family fun resources available now include

Arctic adventurer backpack
What will you pack for your arctic adventure?

Bewick’s swan hat
Turn yourself into a beautiful Bewick’s swan.

Colouring sheets - older children
Four seasonal colouring sheets for older children.

Colouring sheets - younger children
A set of fun and simple colouring sheets for younger children.

Create a fantasy duck
Create your own fantasy duck using real-life birds as your inspiration.

Make a duck
An easy, fun way to make you own duck.

Make an origami swan
Test out your origami skills to make your very own swan.

Spotter sheet - garden bug hunt
WWT’s great garden bug hunt. Can you find all 10?

Spotter sheet - garden birds
WWT’s great garden bird spotter sheet. Can you see all 10?

What’s outside your window?
What wildlife can you see outside your window? Draw what you can see today.

Can you find the wetland-themed words?



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