History Lessons from the Liverpool War Museum



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Let the Liverpool War Museum help with your home schooling or even provide an educational and interesting thing to do for all ages with their Isolation History Lessons.

Lessons are animated, using experts and actors and filmed in our secret WW2 bunker in Liverpool City Centre - Western Approaches.

The live lessions have now ended as the museum gears up for re-opening, but you can catch them below:




Rationing and Food

Evacuation and Evacuees


Create Your Own ID Card

Lessons are intended for primary school children and are supported with learning worksheets - which can be downloaded from the website.


Western Approaches Museum has lost over 90% of their income until we are allowed to re-open again, but they're doing their small bit to Keep Calm and Carry On in the middle of this lockdown.

If you'd like to do a small bit to support, please consider buying a ticket on our website which are valid for 12 months, or donate a quid or two using their GoFundMe page.

Thanks folks!