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The headquarters of OrcaLab research station boast stunning views of Blackney Pass, a main thoroughfare for orcas in the fall and summer months.



Fast killer whale facts - find more on Nat Geo Kids

Scientific name: Orcinus orca
Family name: Delphinidae
Classification: Mammal
IUCN status: Data deficient
Lifespan (in wild): 50-90 years
Weight: Males up to 9,000kg. Females up to 5,500kg
Head and body length: Males up to 9.8m. Females up to 8.5m
Top speed: 48km/h
Diet: Carnivore
Habitat: Ocean

Killer whale facts

Eight tonnes of pure power whacks an ice floe floating in cold Arctic waters. The seal lying on top of the ice doesn’t stand a chance. Knocked into the sea, the seal becomes a meal for one of the ocean’s top predators – the huge killer whale!


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