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Blissful Fitness is hosting online Pregnancy and Post-Natal Pilates sessions, suitable from 12 weeks pre-natal until 12 months post-natal.

Pilates in Pregnancy and Beyond...

​Pilates is the perfect way to strengthen the core, through a sequence of movements it helps to improve your poise, body awareness and muscle tone. The programme is designed to develop balance throughout the body and build strong stable muscles that are also flexible and correctly aligned.

Sessions are lead by Sara in friendly, welcoming small groups. Sara has been a midwife working in the Solihull area since 2006 both on the wards and in the community.

A 4 week block of sessions to bring mums and mums-to-be together to share their pregnancy experience.

Each class incorporates a variety of standing exercises for posture and exercises on the birthing ball, all designed to strengthen your back, core and pelvic floor. If you have back issues or pelvic girdle pain, exercises can be adapted to help strengthen and support your pelvis and spine.

Pilates has many other benefits; improves sleep pattern, decreases stress levels, and it can improve your stamina for labour, birth and post natal recovery. Come along and give it a go, make new friends and enjoy your pregnancy in safe hands!

4 Week Online Pilates Course

Tuesdays | 7pm via Zoom

Suitable from 12 weeks pre-natal until 12 months post-natal

For more information and to book your place click here.

If you are attending the online Pilates sessions, please download the Zoom Rooms Application, you can find it on the relevant App Store. The meeting ID information and passwords will be sent shortly before each sessions