5 Week Course: Ancient Rome



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Explore ancient Rome through a unique, historically accurate 3D model.
Take a guided tour around ancient Rome with expert Dr Matthew Nicholls, using his detailed and award-winning 3D digital model of the city. Explore Rome’s architecture and how it was used - how did Romans worship their gods and meet their political masters? How was drinking water supplied to the city’s million inhabitants? Moving seamlessly between footage of contemporary Rome and the digital model (including interactive elements), you’ll explore these questions and much more.
Use this insight to inform your own encounters with the eternal city and the study of ancient history more generally.


Duration 5 weeks
Weekly study 3 hours
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What topics will you cover?
Week one: Ancient Rome location and infrastructure
Geographical and historical overview
Introduction to the digital model
Roman building materials and techniques
The importance of aqueducts and sewers
Using coins to illustrate ancient architecture
Week two: Political architecture in Ancient Rome
The Imperial Fora
The function and development of the Forum
Types of monumental architecture
Using poetry as evidence to investigate the past
Week three: Religious architecture in Ancient Rome
Overview of Roman religion
The architecture of the Capitoline Hill
Developments in Imperial temple architecture
Worshipping the gods
Week four: Life and death in Ancient Rome
Overview of Roman housing
Food supply in the ancient city
How the Romans liked to be remembered
Using inscriptions as evidence to investigate the past
Week five: Bread and circuses (entertainment architecture) in Ancient Rome
The importance of entertainment for Rome’s rulers
The architecture and function of theatres and circuses
Roman baths and bathing
Using evidence to understand the Colosseum
This course is open to anyone with an interest in discovering more about ancient Rome. You might be: planning a visit to the Italian capital; an avid watcher of documentaries on Roman history; or considering studying archaeology, classics or history at university.


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